7 Ways to Check On Aging Loved Ones This Holiday Season

by | Dec 12, 2023 | Elder Care Advising

The holiday season has arrived again, and there’s a lot to do! Baking, shopping, decorating, planning, wrapping, etc. The hustle and bustle of the season will usually be followed by special times with our friends and family, so this is a great time to check in on how our aging loved ones are doing.

The busyness of everyday life can distract us from noticing the changes in our friends, family, and loved ones. For some of us, it may have been a while since we spent time with our friends and family.

Be Fully Present and Take Notice

We encourage you to be fully present with your loved ones during special gatherings. Not only should you give them the attention they require and deserve, but you should also be intentional about noticing any changes that may be occurring for your aging loved ones.

7 Things to Look for at Holiday Gatherings

Here are seven things to assess at holiday gatherings:

  1. Speech: Is it slower or slurred? Are they mumbling?
  2. Balance & Walking: Do they stumble? Are they catching themselves? Do they sit on the edge of their seat before getting up? Are they shuffling their feet?
  3. Mental Sharpness: Do they have trouble understanding conversation? Do they forget when they are in the middle of a story?
  4. General Hygiene: How is their appearance? Has it changed? Do they seem to have trouble taking care of themselves?
  5. Driving: Do you notice changes in their driving? Do they seem unsure of themselves? Are they breaking or accelerating inappropriately?
  6. Cooking: Do you notice any changes in their cooking? Did they forget ingredients? Did they over or undercook items?
  7. Finances: Have they missed any bills? Do you see late notices lying around? Are they complaining about services being stopped?

Some of these changes can come from being overtired but don’t discount what you are noticing.

What to Do if You Notice Changes in an Aging Loved One

If you notice changes, here are a couple of things you can do:

  • Make a note of any changes you notice. Even if there are slight changes, they may warrant some action.
  • Check in more often, and keep track of things so it’s easier to notice if the condition has changed since the last time you checked.
  • Make an appointment with their doctor and go to the appointment with them.
  • Call an Edwards Group Elder Care Advisor at (217)726-9200.

The Edwards Group Elder Care Team Is Here to Help!

Many people don’t think to call a law firm for issues with an aging loved one. However, the Edwards Group Elder Care Team has many resources and tools to help our elderly loved ones and their families. We offer free phone consultations that will help you with tips and resources.

Our focus is on the legal, financial, care, and spiritual aspects of aging. Legally, we help with all your basic needs: Wills, trusts, and Powers-of-Attorney. We also want to help protect as many assets as possible from rising healthcare costs. There is also a spiritual and emotional aspect to aging that can be incredibly stressful for families. We even have a chaplain available if there is an area you need to discuss or want prayer.

An Elder Care Plan will help you avoid a future crisis! If you think you could use the help and support of an Elder Care Advisor, give us a call at 217-726-9200 or read about what to expect at an Elder Care Consultation. We’ll be happy to talk with you!

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