How to Plan for Aging: A Local Event in Montgomery County

by | Apr 28, 2023 | Aging Parents, Elder Care Advising

On Thursday, April 27, 2023, Edwards Group Elder Care Director Melissa Coulter and Elder Care New Client Specialist Audri Richard spoke to a crowd of over 60 people at The Event Center of Montgomery County in Hillsboro, Illinois.

The event, titled “Protect Your Life Savings from the Nursing Home,” was sponsored by Jack Tosetti and Tosetti and Associates.

Jack Tosetti sponsored the event as a public service. He has seen firsthand, through his work, how concerned people are about the possibility of needing long-term care.

Plan for Aging With These 6 Steps

Elder Care Director Melissa Coulter presented about planning for aging. She noted that many people plan for college, retirement, and death, but few plan for the years between retirement and death. These years are crucial for our health and ability to function in our lives.

Melissa shared 6 steps to plan for aging:

  1. Prepare your basic legal documents
  2. Understand the Continuum of Care
  3. Consider your choices when it comes to long-term care
  4. Consider how you’ll pay for care
  5. Know how to protect your assets from the high cost of care
  6. Know how to avoid the fabled Medicaid “spend down”

It is vitally important that people think about and plan for the time between retirement and death. This is a stressful and expensive time. However, there are things that can be done and people who can help. Planning for aging can reduce the number of crises, save money, and help you and your loved ones feel more prepared.

If you or someone you know is struggling with the challenges of aging, and considering the possibility of a nursing home, we encourage you to call us at 217-726-9200 or to attend an upcoming workshop — 7 Things You Need to Know Before Going to the Nursing Home.

You don’t have to struggle on this journey alone. You can plan for aging, and Edwards Group Elder Care Advisors are here to help.