After the Loss Of A Loved One: Probate and Estate Administration

Have you just lost a loved one?

On top of the grieving and loss, there are legal and financial details to deal with. Sometimes a lot of details. Where do you turn for help? We regularly work with families to address these challenges after losing a loved one. Here are examples of ways we help:

For the deceased’s family we:

  • Review and help interpret a Last Will & Testament or Trust left behind by the deceased.
  • Help carry out the wishes stated in the trust, including transfers of assets, cashing in life insurance, and working with financial advisors and accountants.
  • Handle any court probate that may be necessary to transfer the assets.
  • Give objective advice about important financial decisions to be made.
  • Assist family members in coming to a resolution regarding a family business or farm.

For beneficiaries of the deceased we:

  • Advise if they are confused or have concerns about how the estate is being handled by another family member.
  • Help administer inheritance trusts required in the Will or Trust left by the deceased.
  • Evaluate the impact of a coming inheritance on a beneficiary’s income tax liability or college financial aid funding, and determine strategies to address them.

If your family is facing the loss of a loved one and facing the stress of legal and financial hurdles as a result, call us today at 217-726-9200.  We will be happy to hear more about your situation and guide you in setting up an attorney appointment or telephone conference to see how we can help.

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